Who We Are / What We Do

Michael T. Kastler is the Founder and Managing Partner of Kastler Consulting Group since it’s inception in 2009.  Michael’s vision was to create a consulting group that addresses today’s key areas for economic rebound for Individuals, Communities and Businesses.  We believe that economic success occurs when individuals, communities and businesses are all executing with sound financial understanding and useful decision making tools. 

Our small business and start-up consulting services help small businesses understand and implement solid processes for sales pipeline management, forecasting, cash flow analysis and budgeting.  The tools we’ve developed can be customized for virtually any type of small business and are far less expensive than other off-the-shelf CRM type products.

For the small business owner, professionals, and every-day individuals, we provide financial literacy education through seminars, workshops, and small group studies.  We also have a very robust personal finance and budgeting software, “Family Series,” including modules for all family members from age 3 to 93.  See our website at Budgeting Money Tips.

We are the consultants for you if you are looking to better manage your life, family or business through sound finance advice and inexpensive tools.

Prior to creating Kastler Consulting Group, Michael was a Certified Client Executive with IBM Corporation for 24 years, holds a B.S. degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Lawrence Technological University, attended Harvard Business School’s Executive Education program, attended the Wayne State University/Kaufman Foundation’s “Fast Track” Entrepreneur Program.  Then he authored the Personal Finance Book, “Get a GRASP on Your Budget and Your Cash”  and the “Family Series” personal finance software based on Microsoft Excel.

How We’re Different

  1. We do not sell the typical “financial products”

  2. We do not work on commissions

  3. We strive to be your trusted financial advisor and coach

  4. We look at your individual needs and your family needs including kids, college students and retirees

  5. We are educated and experienced in finance, business, and sales management

Our Core Values

  1. 1)Personal Commitment to each client’s needs and objectives

  2. 2)Personal Satisfaction from each and every client

  3. 3)To be known for the highest Integrity in the industry

Thought Leaders in Finance Solutions for Individuals, Communities and Businesses

Some Family History

Check out the Kastler Family Legacy of Building a Better Detroit

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  1.   Behavioral Finance

  2. President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability to assist the American people in understanding financial matters

Business Schools and Resources:

  1. Global MBA program at Duke University

  2. Harvard Business Publishing

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